The theory of Self and the construction of the individual’s social and sexual identity now constitute fields of investigation for political and artistic activism.

How does technology alter our perception of our body and our identity?

These days, the media are not something we succumb to any more, but are becoming interactive tools for demolishing social and cultural stereotypes.

The body itself is becoming a tool we can share: one that is collective and polysemantic, a sign and a banner.

Self-tattooing is a declaration of the circular nature of energy around the individual, achieving the principle of self-determination before the body can be enjoyed, because it is linked to transferring information from the mind to the body: within the limits set by the individual’s own body.

Taking place somewhere between order and chaos, performance painting breaks down the taboo of the body and sets out to rewrite its transformations.

Giuseppe Carrubba, 2013

(à propos AMAE-Davide Allieri of HOW MANY DROPS FOR CHAOS? In the framework of MYBODYISYOURBODYPROJECT)

Translation Pete Kercher



MACT/CACT Arte Contemporanea Ticino

CACT you!


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